Reviews And Feedback For Complete Ejaculation Control

Check out some of the feedback I have received for the Complete Ejaculation Control program.

“Straight forward, simple and easy to follow”

“In the past, I had purchased another book for PE online but it didn’t help me at all so I was concerned about the same thing happening again, but since you explained everything about your program in so much detail I thought I’d decide to give it a shot.

All I can say is wow! Everything was straightforward, simple, and easy to follow. I started as soon as I downloaded it and worked through all the key skillsets within 2 weeks. The breathing and relaxation tips helped me right from the start and all the instant cool-down tricks worked perfectly and gave me a big boost in confidence.

Thanks, Aaron.”

Sydney, Australia



“Hi Aaron, thanks for everything. Awesome book. The chapter where you taught me how to relax and get in the zone was a killer!”

Los Angels, CA


“I wish I had this program 10 years ago”

“All through my 20s I suffered from severe premature ejaculation with it affecting every single relationship I tried to start. I even gave up on seeing anyone for 4 long years because I just couldn’t deal with having to explain the situation to another disappointed girl one more time.

When I found your site I could tell it was different from all those other sites on PE because you actually explained everything your program is about instead of just promising the world.

I would have spent a whole lot more money visiting a doctor so just 50 bucks for a program as solid as this was a no-brainer, and let me tell you, I’m so glad I went ahead with it because it completely turned my life around.

After just 3 weeks following your program, I was confident enough to start seeing girls again and found I could now last at least 25 minutes, which may not sound like much, but it’s A LOT better than lasting just 25 seconds like I used to.

It has now been 6 months and premature ejaculation is something I simply never have to worry about anymore. I wish I had this program 10 years ago and now I’m doing my best to make up for lost time… Thanks for everything.”

Sydney, Australia


“It’s only been 2 weeks and I’m lasting 30 minutes already… I can’t wait to complete the rest of the program. Thanks a heap Aaron”

Sydney, Australia

“I thought there was just something wrong with me”

“Ever since my first sexual encounter I would ejaculate in under 1 minute. I thought as I got older and more used to intercourse that it would get better. But it didn’t. I started to assume that there was just something wrong with me and that I would just have to deal with my disorder throughout my life.

When a sexual counselor I was seeing referred me to your site I read over it a few times and it all made perfect sense yet deep down I still thought there was just something wrong with me that could not be fixed.

Once I started using your program I was struck by all the little things I could do to get better. I liked the way I could learn one small skill or trick at a time. It made it really easy to pick up and as I learned more and more I started to realize that I really could do this.

It took me a bit longer than most to complete the program (6 weeks instead of 4) but once I got there it was such a great feeling to have real sex for the first time and know that there was nothing wrong with me after all”

Chicago, IL


“Our relationship has improved for much since I got your program for my boyfriend”

“I got your program for my boyfriend. I read through it all first by myself and it really helped me understand what was going on inside his body and gave me the confidence to broach the subject with him.

He was kinda embarrassed at first but once he took a look at the contents of the book his embarrassment changed to enthusiasm and he told me he’d give it a go.

It’s worked wonders for him. Almost too well as he now lasts longer than me most times. We could never have afforded the cost of private sessions so thanks so much for making this book available to us. Our relationship has improved so much thanks to you!”

–Katrina and Andre
Manchester, UK